Statistics on culture

NIPOS (The National Information and Consulting Centre for Culture), department CIK (The Centre of Information and Statistics on Culture) on behalf of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic provides for the statistical service for the entire area of the culture under the rule of the Law No 89/1995 Coll. about the government statistical service, as amended, with the compliance to the international recommendations and requests, namely in the cooperation with the Czech Statistical Office. On the basis of statistical investigation the department collects, processes and distributes information on the wide range of cultural subjects of local, regional and national importance, inclusive the state government and self government authorities of the municipalities and cities and the civic associations. The gained information is made accessible to the state government authorities, to cultural subjects and to other interested persons via information unit registers and other built databases.

Department Manager: Ing. Milan Dedera (contacts below)

Statistical data since 2002